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Obtaining and Enjoying Your Dreams

 Hello my friends, It often seems like the dreams nearest to our hearts are unreachable. These dreams come in all shapes and sizes, as specific and unique as the heart who dreams them. Whether it is a trip or experience, a new way of life or state of being, an area of personal growth, or another seemingly unreachable dream, we can pine over them for years without getting any closer to enjoying them. What blocks our path is the mentality that we could never achieve our dream even if we tried because it is simply impossible. But that mentality is a LIE! It keeps us from even hoping to reach our dreams when in reality, we are each capable of transforming our perspective of the world we live in and bringing our dreams to life. It will be difficult, but not impossible--and I promise you that it is worth the effort. I am going to share with you a process that will help you break through that mentality and guide your dreams across the threshold into reality.  Step 1: You need to have a dream

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